Just some quick notes on my observatory.  It's called a 'Roll of Roof' design. This means that the roof is detached from the rest of the structure and can be rolled onto rails, revealing the equipment inside.

The Telescope sits inside firmly attached to a concrete pier. The floor of the observatory is independent of the pier. This means that all the walking and stomping around in the building won't cause the pier to shake and either ruin photographs I'm taking or shake what is being seen in the eyepiece.  Enjoy the pictures!


09/15/2012 06:00

Sweet! Are you a member of any astronomy clubs in Michigan? Are you planning on attending the Kensington Astronomy at the beach? I'd really like to meet you and chat with you about the 10/23/2011 Aurora :)

12/02/2016 01:19

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Hi Bob,

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