On a local spotter mission I managed to take some pretty impressive video of a wall cloud and updraft complete with striations, in Michigan of all places! What luck.  A NWS Skywarn trainer plans to add this footage for the GRR area Skywarn spotter training slides.  His mission was to make all of the images and video represent Michigan storms, and this was specifically what he was looking for. Glad to help out! 

Another storm that moved over this same area just 45 minutes earlier produced a brief EF-0 tornado touchdown just to the north and west of here in New Salem Twp, MI. Damage occurred to the DeBoer turkey farm there.  The storm in my video however produced over 1" hail in northern Allegan county and even right at the GRR NWS office.  I also shot video of the same wall cloud, looking rather anemic at that point, passing right over the radar tower there. 
Later I was able to snap a few shot of some great updrafts!  Here's a weak, rather low topped LP supercell (yet again a rare in Michigan) complete with mammatus forming.

And another much larger storm going on at the same time over in the Lansing area. This one was tornado warned much of the day but did not produce.

Just a brief description and a video.  We staged in Dubuque, IA wating for storms to fire to our west. Especially challenging chase day. Up against 60 mph storm movement and a linear tendency after initiation.  As storms fired we made a late desicion to move North toward La Salle, WI. Unfortunately the target storm, now tornado warned was out of reach. The road network allowed for about a 50 mph average speed and didn't offer a lot of NE options, so it was really worse than that relative to storm motion.  Nonetheless we managed to get on more than one tornado-warned cell.  Eventually one cell lead us right to the storm damage path from the Initial cell we intended to intercept. A half-mile wide damage path was observed in Arkdale, WI just 30 minutes after it had occurred. Several homes were damaged and entire conifer forests were lopped off at the 15 foot level.  Fortunately emergency responders were just arriving.  Due to some fat-fingering mistakes the footage of the damage as we drove by was missing from my camera.